Monday, April 24, 2017

Vintage Saucer Turned Pin Holder

As I was cleaning my Studio I came across this vintage saucer that I have been meaning to turn into a straight pin holder. 

I find pin cushions charming, but as I am sewing I like to remove my pins and just lay them to the side. Basically I'm not patient enough to stop and stick the pin back in the pin cushion. But I'm always afraid of them falling on the floor and later stabbing my foot. 

I picked this little saucer up at the thrift store over 10 years ago. Yep I paid 29 cents for it!! It was one of the best thrift stores EVER. Sadly, it's on the other side of the country. 

This is my favorite kind of project. It's quick, simple and a useful item. Plus it feels so good to mark it off my To Do list!! 

I used the ever trusty E-6000 to attach my magnets to the back of my plate. And let it set up.

Then using my hot glue gun I attached a piece of felt to finish it off. 

And TaDa you now have a fun new pin holder!!

Happy Creating Friends!!❤❤❤