Friday, September 15, 2017

Rusty Wings

Hello!! I have been seeing faux rust projects everywhere. The wheels started turning and inspiration struck. This set of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts wings were the perfect piece to "rust" up. If you haven't figured it out yet I love keys and locks. The engraved keys (coming soon) are full of detail and so beautiful. 

Begin by painting wings both front and back with Raw Umber. Allow the first layer to dry. Once dry apply a second layer of Raw Umber. While paint is still wet apply ground cinnamon to wing. Once the second layer was dry I sprayed my wings with hairspray to hold on the cinnamon layer. 

Once the wings are dry add some touches of gold Metallique wax. Emboss lock and key with Burnt Copper Leaves and highlight with gold Metallique wax. The details on the lock and key really pop once embossed. 

Cut out a primitive dress shape and stamp with Distress Oxide in Vintage Photo. I sprayed the dress with a mix of instant coffee. The combination of coffee and Distress Oxides provides the perfect mixture for a vintage look. Messy stitch around dress. 

Layer the engraved lock on top of a coffee stained crocheted medallion. Apply the layered piece to dress. 

Apply wings to back of dress using strong hold double sided tape or hot glue. 

Attach engraved key with a couple stitches using thick floss and needle. 

Thank you for stopping by!! I hope you enjoyed this rusty project. I forgot to mention it smells heavenly. The cinnamon on the wings and the coffee stained dress create such a pleasing scent. Happy Creating ~ Jennalee 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Altered Composition Books for My Rusty Crown

Hello!! Happy Friday!! 
Does your heart skip a beat when you see school supplies hit the shelves? I love the promise of new notebooks and crayons!! 

I am sharing some fun altered Composition Books over on the brand new My Rusty Crown blog

If you know me you know I LOVE my Character Construction stamps and they are the star of the show. 

Here is a sneak peek. For all the details and a step by step picture tutorial for the vintage skirt book be sure to check out my post here 

Friday, September 1, 2017

It's a Good Day to Craft

Hi!! I'm here today with a fun mash-up from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and 7Gypsies.
Our theme was "Small World". I was digging thru my stash of awesome Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and ran across the Mini House Shadow Box #1 and from there my idea took shape when I started looking thru the awesome 7Gypsies pieces we were sent. 

I started by painting all the pieces of the Mini House Shadow Box a mint green.

I then added 7Gypsies Architextures Junque Pack - Attic. I added a touch of Ivory acrylic paint to the raised parts of the Architextures sticker. 
Picture courtesy of 7Gypsies website 

One of my favorite parts of the 7Gypsies line is their packaging. It can easily be incorporated into your project. I used the packaging from the Architexture stickers to line the floor of the Mini House Shadow Box and the outside walls. I cut to size and applied using Distress Collage Medium. Added a coat of Distress Collage Crazing Medium. Once the Crazing Medium dries enhance crazing with Distress Ink in Vintage Photo.

The idea for a sewing themed Shadow Box came from one of the tiny clippings off this charming scrapbook paper Go & Be. 

Picture courtesy of 7Gypsies website 

The "A Good Day to Craft" clipping made me think of spending a day in my studio surrounded by my favorite supplies. I cut the "good day" clipping and added a bit of Burnt Copper Leaves around the edges to make a frame. 

To complete the roof I added strips cut from the To & Due paper. 

Picture courtesy of 7Gypsies website

Then it was time to decorate my little studio shadow box. I used charms I found in the jewelry section at Michael's. I got a little too excited and forgot to take pictures before throwing out the packaging. Oops!! I added a couple vintage buttons from my stash to complete the piece. 

I love the shadow boxes from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts!! This was my first time working with products from 7Gypsies and I think it's safe to say it won't be my last. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Thanks for stopping by and spending a few minutes with me today. And remember it's always "A Good Day to Craft". 
~Happy Creating Friends~ Jennalee